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1. Which object that can be measured by ruler?
a) A. chair
b) B. refrigerator
c) C. table
d) D. ballpen

2. Which of the following can be used measure objects?
a) A. ruler
b) B. bag
c) C. small
d) D. none of the above

3. What is the used of Meter Stick?
a) A. To measure capacity
b) B. To measure mass
c) C. To measure length
d) D. To measure kilo

4. Which are not belong to solid?
a) A. rock
b) B. cotton
c) C. salt
d) D. glass

5. Which objects that can be measured long objects?
a) A. ruler
b) B. meter Stick
c) C. tape measure
d) D. none of the above

6. What devices used in determining the size of solids?
a) A. ruler and tape measure
b) B. tape measure and meter stick
c) C. meter and ruler
d) D. ruler and meter stick

7. Which object that can be considered big and small?
a) A. ballpen and pencil
b) B. shoes and slipper
c) C. ball and marble
d) D. A and B

8. What devices help to measure the length , width and height of solids?
a) A. ruler and meter stick
b) B. density and tape measure
c) C. tape measure and meter stick
d) D. A and C

9. Which is used to measured short objects?
a) A. meter stick
b) B. tape measure
c) C. measurement
d) D. ruler

10. Which object that cannot measured ruler and meter stick?
a) A. water
b) B. ball
c) C. ballpen
d) D. chair

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