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Which of the following best describes the environmental issue facing the United Kingdom?
a) air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels
b) acid rain caused by the burning of gasoline, diesel, and coal
c) deforestation of forests caused by massive undertakings of clear cutting
d) exhaustion of mineral resources by extensive mining operations in the north

Which of the following is not a major environmental issue facing Europe today?
a) acid rain destroying Germany’s Black Forest
b) remnants of radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
c) the exhaustion of mineral resources in Russia’s Siberian region
d) air pollution threatening the city of London in the United Kingdom

Which of the following is not a system for government distribution of powe
a) autocracy
b) unitary
c) federation
d) confederation

A government system that restricts the citizen participation to a small, select group is
a) an autocracy
b) a democracy
c) a federation
d) an oligarchy

Which does not apply to the government system of the United Kingdom of Great Britain?
a) constitutional monarch
b) prime minister
c) unitary
d) president

Which government system best describes that of Germany and Russia?
a) autocracies
b) federations
c) oligarchies
d) unitary governments

Which of the following statements best describes the election of the Prime Minister of the U.K.?
a) A. he is appointed by the constitutional monarch
b) B. he is elected directly by the citizens of the U.K.
c) C. he is appointed by the House of Commons in the legislature
d) D. he is appointed by the Queen and has to be a member of the House of Lords

What is the legislative body of Russia named?
a) Congress
b) Duma
c) Parliament
d) Reichstag

Who is the head of government in Germany?
a) Chancellor
b) Premier
c) Prime Minister
d) Presiden

What two leaders split the executive branch of Russia?
a) A. President and Premier
b) B. President and Chancellor
c) C. President and Prime Minister
d) D. President and Constitutional Monarch

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