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When it was discovered that nuclear missiles were heading to Cuba, the US acted by....
a) preventing Soviet advisors from meeting with revolutionaries in South America
b) enforcing a ban on military aid to communist forces in N. Vietnam
c) conducting air shipments of vital supplies to East Berlin
d) establishing a naval blockade to stop the shipment of missiles to Cuba

The reason for the unpopular draft was because of.....
a) the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
b) the use of nuclear weapons in Vietnam
c) escalated deployment of military forces to Vietnam
d) formation of the domino theory

All that television coverage of the Vietnam War had the effect of.....
a) increasing Congressional support for the war
b) leading to a decline in partisan politics in Congress
c) making the war popular internationally
d) making Americans disillusioned about the war

One of the results of the Vietnam War that is still with us is.....
a) improved relations between the young and older generations
b) more faith in using the military to solve international problems
c) making people distrust the government
d) more and more attention to social programs

It becomes clear when one studies the Vietnam War that....
a) foreign policy can be changed by public opinion
b) military strength ensures a military victory
c) a president's power is reduced during wartime
d) continment worked

The 26th Amendment was passed because...
a) extra income tax was needed to pay for the war
b) poll taxes discriminated against minorities
c) 18 year olds who were being asked to fight in a war should be able to vote
d) a president serving more than 2 terms could become dangerous

The space race started with......
a) the Apollo missions
b) the explosion of an atomic bomb at Hiroshima
c) the Manhattan Project
d) the launch of Sputnik

The campaign to bomb the bejeebers out of North Vietnam was called...
a) Operation Bulge
b) Operation Trolling Blunder
c) Operation Rolling Thunder
d) Operation Rolling Tumbler

The account given by American authorities about an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin was..
a) True
b) False

Our military was present in Vietnam during the presidency of.....
a) Kennedy
b) Johnson
c) Nixon
d) All of the above

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