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Dates, Length And Intensity Of Different Solar Insolation Times. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the longest period of insolation occurs on or about
a) June 21
b) August 21
c) March 21
d) January 21

The length of time that daylight is received at a location during one day is called the location's
a) duration of insolation
b) eccentricity of insolation
c) intensity of insolation
d) angle of insolation

Which two factors determine the number of hours of daylight at a particular location?
a) latitude and season
b) latitude and the Earth's average diameter
c) longitude and the Earth's average diameter
d) longitude and season

On which date does the maximum duration of insolation occur in the Northern Hemisphere?
a) June 21
b) March 21
c) September 23
d) December 21

At which latitude would the duration of insolation be greatest on December 21?
a) 23.5 degrees S.
b) 0 degrees
c) 10 degrees N.
d) 23.5 degrees N.

Approximately how many hours of daylight are received at the North Pole on June 21?
a) 24
b) 18
c) 12
d) 0

In the middle latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere, the warmest month is usually
a) February
b) July
c) April
d) October

In the Northern Hemisphere, the number of hours of daylight each day increases continuously from
a) March 1 to May 1
b) June 1 to August 1
c) September 1 to November 1
d) December 1 to February 1

Maximum surface temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere usually occur during the month of
a) July
b) September
c) June
d) May

What is the primary reason the Northern Hemisphere is warmer in July than in February?
a) The insolation in the Northern Hemisphere is greater in July.
b) The Earth is closer to the Sun in July.
c) The altitude of the noon Sun is greater in February.
d) The Earth is traveling faster in its orbit in February.

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