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This kind of surface makes objects move slowly:
a) smooth
b) slick
c) flat
d) rough

A force is a _________ or ____________ that makes something move.
a) push, push
b) pull, pull
c) push, pull
d) force, obstacle

When you put on your socks, you must do this to get them over your toes:
a) pull
b) rub
c) push
d) lay

To open a door, you would need to do this?
a) lock
b) swing
c) push
d) pull

To close a door you would need to do this:
a) lock
b) swing
c) push
d) pull

When the flag goes up the pole the rope is being
a) held
b) pushed
c) swung
d) pulled

A baseball bat pushes when it
a) gets swung back
b) is taken out of the bag
c) hits the ball
d) strikes out

A yo-yo pulls when it
a) goes down
b) gets wound up
c) goes up
d) sits still

Something that goes forward or backwards is called
a) motion
b) path
c) force
d) obstacle

A movement backwards is called a
a) path
b) push
c) pull
d) roll

A movement forward is called a
a) roll
b) push
c) path
d) pull

A push or pull that makes something move is called a
a) path
b) motion
c) force
d) obstacle

This kind of surface makes objects move faster:
a) smooth
b) bumpy
c) rough
d) scratchy

A ball will roll faster on
a) a grassy field
b) a rocky driveway
c) the gym floor
d) up a flight of stairs

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