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What is overgrazing?
a) When all the trees are cut down in a forest
b) When a mining company uses machines to clear away large areas of the Earth's surface
c) When a grassland is damaged by too many animals eating in a limited area
d) When there are not enough animals to eat the grass and the grass grows so high you can't see lions hiding in it

The process of restoring land to the condition it was before mining operations began is called...?
a) Deforestation
b) Urbanization
c) Reclamation
d) Natural Selection

What is reforestation?
a) Replacing trees that have died or been cut down
b) Cutting down all the trees in an area
c) Mining underground for gold
d) Building a strip mall in an area that had been used for mining

A mineral that is useful to humans is called a _________.
a) Pollutant
b) Resource
c) Pokemon
d) Organic compound

What is the name for the method of mining in which large holes are dug in the ground to remove materials such as ore, sand, gravel, and building stone?
a) Strip Mining
b) Fracking
c) Underground Mining
d) Open-Pit Mining

A solid substance that is found in nature and consists of a single element or compound is called a
a) Rock
b) Mineral
c) Human
d) Vegetable

A word for all the things that a society or civilization builds for public use
a) Clear cutting
b) Desolation
c) Infrastructure
d) Reforestation

A process of determining in advance where people will live, where they locate their businesses, and where land will be protected for farming, wildlife, and other uses.
a) Land-use planning
b) Spontaneous Combustion
c) Evolution
d) Reclamation

The process of removing all the trees from a land area is called...
a) Clear cutting
b) Suburban Sprawl
c) Lumberjacking
d) Mining

Clearing trees from an area without replacing them is a process called
a) Repopulatin
b) Deforestation
c) Reforestation
d) Urbanization

A rock that contains a mineral such as iron or copper is called _________________.
a) Ore
b) Diamond
c) Mineral
d) Igneous

This is the method of harvesting only middle aged or mature trees individually or in small groups used by many in logging.
a) Chainsaw Cutting
b) Clear Cutting
c) Selective Cutting
d) Random Cutting

This is the method of mining in which huge machines clear way large strips of the Earth's surface, as in phosphate mining.
a) Strip Mining
b) Fracking
c) Underground Mining
d) Open-Pit Mining

When low-density development spreads out around cities, it is called?
a) Urbanization
b) Suburban Sprawl
c) Deforestation
d) Infrastructure

What is it called when more people live in a city than the city's infrastructure can support?
a) Suburban Sprawl
b) Migration
c) Deforestation
d) Urban Crisis

Urbanization is ...
a) movement of people from cities to rural areas
b) movement of people from rural areas to cities
c) movement of people from McDonald's to Wendy's
d) movement of people from one country to another

A designated natural area where the land and the ecosystems it supports are protected is called a ...?
a) Wilderness
b) Urbanization
c) Mineral
d) Infrastructure

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