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What causes an earthquake to happen?
a) Rocks deform slowly as a result of physical stress
b) Rocks along a fault move suddenly and release energy
c) Large amounts of rock suddenly shift downward when large holes form underground.
d) Energy is transferred to rock layers from convection currents in the oceans and the atmosphere.

Which type of volcano is made mostly of pyroclastic materials?
a) cinder cone
b) shield volcano
c) stratovolcano
d) composite volcano

A volcano with magma that has high viscosity, so gas bubbles cannot escape easily. As bubbles expand, magma rises faster. The magma can then erupt EXPLOSIVELY, releasing gas, ash, and large chunks of rock. This type happens at what type of boundary?
a) convergent plate boundary
b) divergent plate boundary
c) transform plate boundary
d) hot spot

Which of the following best defines lava
a) Lava is magma that has cooled to form solid rock.
b) Lava is molten rock that flows on Earth's surface
c) Lava is melted rock found in underground chambers
d) Lava is any place where gas, ash, or melted rock come out of the ground.

Volcanic vents are places where magma can erupt onto Earth surface. Which volcanic feature forms a relatively small depression around a volcano's vent?
a) crater
b) fissure
c) caldera
d) lava plateau

Compression at a convergent boundary causes what to form?
a) Folded mountains
b) Fault block mountains
c) Volcanic mountains
d) None of the above

What type of motion happens in a normal fault?
a) The footwall drops down relative to the hanging wall.
b) The hanging wall moves up relative to the footwall.
c) The walls move side to side past each other horizontally.
d) The hanging wall drops down relative to the footwall.

Which of the following describes what could happen when two continents collide?
a) Folded mountains formed as a result of tensional stress.
b) Fault-block mountains formed as a result of tensional stress.
c) Folded mountains formed as a result of compressional stress.
d) Fault-block mountains formed as a result of compressional stress.

Which of the following land features is caused by the movement of tectonic plates?
a) River
b) Glacier
c) Sinkhole
d) Mountain

Which of the following statements describes a tectonic plate?
a) A continent or an ocean
b) The outermost compositional layer of Earth
c) A block of the lithosphere that moves around on top of the asthenosphere
d) The structural layer of Earth is made of the crust and the rigid, upper part of the mantle.

What happens at a subduction zone, where an oceanic plate and a continental plate converge.
a) An ocean forms
b) Volcanic mountain ranges form
c) Sea-floor spreading occurs as the oceanic plate moves
d) A transform boundary forms where the subduction occurs.

Most divergent plate boundaries lie under the worlds ocean. Which of the following us a process that occurs at divergent boundaries?
a) magnetic reversals
b) recycling of crust material
c) formation of continental crust
d) formation of mid-ocean ridges

What is the asthenosphere?
a) The outermost, rigid layer of Earth.
b) A layer of weak or soft mantle that is made of rock that flows slowly.
c) The strong lower part of the mantle.
d) The liquid layer of the Earths core.

Scientists divide Earth into three main layers: the core, the mantle, and the crust. How are these three layers identified?
a) By their plate tectonics
b) By their structural features
c) By their physical properties
d) By their chemical composition

What is the difference in density between the least dense rocks at Earth's surface and the densest rock in the center of Earth? (Continental crust=2.2; Oceanic crust=3.0; Mantle=3.3; Outer core=9.9; Inner core=13.1)
a) 15.3
b) 10.9
c) 13.6
d) 12.1

Where are most of Earths eathquakes located?
a) Tectonic plate
b) deformation
c) Tectonic plate boundaries
d) None of the above

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