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What event led to the Crusades?
a) Muslim Turks conquered the Holy land.
b) Pope Urban II wanted to conquer the Turks land.
c) Pilgrims were beign mistreated.
d) The peasants revolted and demanded more rights.

How did the Magna Carta lead to representative government?
a) King John had to get approval
b) King couldn't imprisson free men
c) King couldn't take the property of free men.
d) The common people's rights were not protected.

What made the nobles angry during the reigns of King John?
a) The kings asked for more taxes from the nobles.
b) The kings took back the land they had given to the nobles.
c) The kings gave more rights to the peasants than the nobles.
d) The kings gave more rights to the serfs.

The main idea of the Magna Carta was that:
a) The power of the King was limited.
b) Nobody should rule over the country
c) The King had absolute power.
d) A nobleman was more powerful than the King.

Which of the following correctly describes life of a serf on a manor?
a) They were consdiered part of the land and could not leave without permission.
b) They were free to leave the manor and buy land.
c) They provided protection for the manor.
d) The serfs were slaves.

Why did Feudalism develop in Western Europe in the Middle Ages?
a) People were looking for protection from the chaos and looting of invaders
b) People were tired of a dictator
c) People wanted to live in the countryside and escape cities.
d) People were in need of new ideas and inventions.

Feudal relationships in Europe defined land ownership and protection agreements between what two groups?
a) lords and vassals
b) serfs and peasants
c) kings and queens
d) merchants and serfs

Which of the following civilizations influenced Japan's writing system and way of life?
a) China
b) India
c) Persia
d) Romans

Early experiences the Japanese had with the European countries led them to begin a ________, not allowing most foreigners in Japan.
a) policy of isolationism
b) civil service exam
c) new religion of Shinto
d) policy of feudalism

In the Feudal system, most people will belong in which group?
a) Serfs/Peasants
b) Lords
c) Knights
d) Kings

Which of the following is a major part of the Shinto religion?
a) Nature worship
b) Reading the holy book
c) Making a pilgrimmage
d) Religious haiku

In medieval Europe, the knights devoted their lives to protecting their lands. Who in the Japanese feudal system had the same mission in life?
a) Samurai
b) Emperors
c) Shogun
d) Peasants

What is a feudal system?
a) A system of loyalty and and land control.
b) A system ruled by an emperor
c) A system of religious practices
d) A system of landforms uniting a country.

When the Crusades were launched, the Christians traveled to Jerusalem to:
a) Recapture the city from Muslim control
b) Convince Mulsim leaders that they wanted peace.
c) Help the Muslims defend the city against outside invaders.
d) Make it the center of the Christian church.

What was one outcome of the Crusades?
a) Christianity spread further.
b) The Muslims conquered fiefs in Europe.
c) Christians conquered Africa
d) Muslim's took over Europe

What impact did monasteries have on education?
a) Monasteries became centers of learning that led to the first universities.
b) Monasteries placed an emphasis on teaching Islam.
c) Monasteries preserved traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.
d) The monks would isolate themselves from society.

Spurred by Charlemagne's decree, who could go to school to mostly learn about religion?
a) Males
b) Only the Royals
c) Only monks and other religions people
d) Female

How did monasteries help preserve Christian writings?
a) Monks hand copied the Bible and other books from tehe past.
b) Monks taught Latin.
c) Monks wrote new fiction books for entertainment.
d) Monks and Nuns used their free time to tutor.

Which of the following was an effect of the Bubonic Plague?
a) A shortage of labor and food.
b) Trade increased and towns disappear
c) Economy soars, and population decreases
d) Cities disappear and buildings increased

What percentage of the population was lost to the Bubonic Plague.
a) 25-33%
b) 10-20%
c) 40-55%
d) 60-68%

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