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What does the touch me not appearance of the cottage mean?
a) no one lives there
b) it hasn't been cleaned
c) it welcomes visitors
d) it appears to be so perfect you would feel uncomfortable

What is Winnie's major problem at the beginning?
a) She feels trapped by her family
b) She hates being alone
c) She hates frogs
d) She doesn't get along with her brother

What feelings does Winnie express to the toad
a) disgust and fear
b) happiness and celebration
c) frustration and boredom
d) sympathy and kindness

What is Mae's one special object.
a) A shawl
b) a music box
c) a cow
d) her husband

What happened in the wood when Winnie went there in the morning?
a) She met Jesse Tuck and gets kidnapped by his family
b) She gets lost
c) She finally runs away
d) she found the toad

Why doesn't Winnie make the toad a pet?
a) he is ugly
b) her mother said no
c) she is scared of it
d) she doesn't want to keep it in a cage

Why does Jesse refuse to let Winnie drink from the Spring?
a) it is unsanitary
b) it would be terrible for her
c) he doesn't like her
d) he is mean

What is odd about her kidnappers?
a) They are pleading with her.
b) Jesse and Miles are fighting
c) They are in a hurry to leave
d) They put her on a horse

Why did Miles' wife leave him?
a) The were fighting to much.
b) She didn't like his family.
c) She thought he sold his soul to the devil.
d) She wanted to move to the city.

Why doesn't Winnie worry when Mae told her they would take her home overnight?
a) They seemed gentle
b) Her parents knew where she was anyway.
c) The stranger saw her.
d) She knows the Tucks.

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