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secondary consumers are never herbivores
a) false
b) true
c) hum...
d) ....

tertiary consumers like a hawk or lion
a) are omnivors
b) are carnivores
c) .....
d) .........

meat eaters are called
a) omnivores
b) herbivores
c) primary consumers
d) carnivores....always secondary or tertiary consumers ..maybe the top of the food chain.

anthing that eats meat is never a primary consumer
a) true
b) false
c) primary consumers eat....
d) yum yum

an herbivore is a primary consumer
a) true
b) false
c) nnnnnnnn
d) nnnnnnnnnnn

an herbivore eats
a) producers, which are plants
b) meat
c) they do not eats they makes their own food
d) mmmmmm

producers are
a) movie makers
b) zebras
c) anything that does photosynthesis....all green plants and algae
d) rabbits

primary consumers
a) ......
b) ........
c) are always herbivores and eat plants
d) are the first members of their family to eat

an ominivore is also a
a) eats plants only
b) secondary consumer because it eats meat....a few are at the top of the food chain, like bears
c) eats animals only
d) l

a chicken is
a) a producer because it makes eggs
b) a secondary consumer because it likes bugs for lunch and grain for breakfast
c) ......
d) ..........

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