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General, Having a wide range
a) Menial
b) wicked
c) acute
d) Sweeping

Automatic, without, thought or planning
a) unconscious
b) consious
c) Menial
d) All Of the above

unskilled low in rank, in the service industry
a) Menial
b) newbie
c) General
d) Mello

gradually changing, progressive, advancing
a) evoltion
b) evolutionary
c) change
d) progress

symbolic gesture, empty gesture, sweet talk
a) flirting
b) tokenism
c) flirty
d) flirt

hardship, injustice, cruelty, tyranny
a) cruel
b) harsh
c) evil
d) oppression

wicked, against the rules, the quality of not acting within standards of rights or good behavior
a) enemie
b) villian
c) immorality
d) anarchist

racist, slang term for an african-american
a) nigrumps
b) darkey
c) negro
d) old darkey

unbiased, neutral, impartially
a) tokenism
b) biased
c) objectively summarize, demeaning
d) menil

judge worth or quality, estimate the extent of something
a) Adapt
b) Evaluate
c) Manipulate
d) Question

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