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In Rutherford's experiment, some of the alpha particles were deflected because...
a) atoms have a positive nucleus
b) atom are mostly empty space
c) atoms have electrons
d) electrons are in orbitals

What is the mass of a neutron?
a) 1 atomic mass unit
b) 2 atomic mass units
c) 1 gram
d) almost zero

At STP, fluorine is a gas and bromine is a liquid because
a) a) fluorine has stronger covalent bonds
b) b) bromine has stronger covalent bonds
c) c) fluorine has stronger intermolecular forces
d) d) bromine has stronger intermolecular forces

Which molecule is nonpolar?
a) a) H2O
b) b) NH3
c) c) CO
d) d) CCl4

Which substance will dissolve in water to conduct electricity?
a) a) CCl4
b) b) NH3
c) c) NaCl
d) d) CO2

What are two properties of most nonmetals?
a) a) high ionization energy and poor electrical conductivity
b) b) high ionization energy and good electrical conductivity
c) c) low ionization energy and poor electrical conductivity
d) d) low ionization energy and good electrical conductivity

What trend does electronegativity follow as you move down a group on the periodic table?
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) remains the same

What is the number of neutrons in an atom of Zinc?
a) a) +2
b) b) 30
c) c) 65
d) 35

Which set of symbols represents atoms with valence electrons in the same electron shell or energy level?
a) Ba, Br, Bi
b) Sr, Sn, I
c) O, S, Te
d) Mn, Hg, Cu

In which shell or energy level are the valence electrons of the elements in Period 2 found?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 5

What phase change is endothermic?
a) solid to liquid
b) liquid to solid
c) gas to liquid
d) gas to solid

Elements found on the lower left of the Periodic Table are classified as
a) Metalloids
b) Nonmetals
c) Metals
d) Noble Gases

In which group are Halogens found?
a) 1
b) 18
c) 3-11
d) 17

Which of the following exibits hydrogen bonding?
a) a) CO2
b) b) HCl
c) c) H20
d) NaCl

Which of the following have the highest average kinetic energy?
a) 10 ml of water at 20 degrees
b) 200 ml of water at 20 degrees
c) 10 ml of water at 55 degrees
d) 100 ml of water at 30 degrees

Which element is classified as a metal, but is liquid at room temperature?
a) Br
b) I
c) H
d) Hg

The phase change in which a substance changes from a solid to a gas or vapor without changing to a liquid first is
a) a) melting
b) b) deposition
c) c) condensation
d) d) sublimation

Which temperature represents absolute zero?
a) 0C
b) 0K
c) 273K
d) 273C

What phase changes does water undergo at 100 degrees Celsius?
a) a) melting and freezing
b) b) condensation and melting
c) c) vaporization and freezing
d) d) condensation and vaporization

Which of the following has neither definite shape nor definite volume?
a) g
b) s
c) l
d) aq

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