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Businesses often use all of the following EXCEPT ____ charts to illustrate growth overall several periods.
a) pie
b) bar
c) line
d) column

A(n) ____ is a graphical representation of data.
a) chart
b) object
c) picture
d) data source

____ charts can be harder to design because you must designate which data should be used on each axis.
a) scatter
b) pie
c) line
d) column

A ____ formats the chart based on the colors, fonts, and effects associated with the workbook's theme.
a) chart style
b) chart layout
c) chart appearance
d) chart element

____ are lines that establish a relationship between data in a chart
a) axes
b) titles
c) data labels
d) data markers

You can pull one or more slices away from the pie to distinguish them, creating what is called a(n) ____ pie chart.
a) exploded
b) embedded
c) destination
d) 3-D reference

In Excel, the cart data, called the ____ is stored in a range of cells in the worksheet.
a) data source
b) source
c) destination
d) chart layout

A ____ specifies which elements are included in a chart and where they are placed
a) chart layout
b) data source
c) source
d) destination

____ charts are useful when you want to print a chart next to the data the chart illustrates
a) embedded
b) exploded
c) data source
d) chart layout

____ or mini charts, are useful for highlighting patterns or trends in data
a) sparklines
b) screenshot
c) data source
d) sheet tab

Shows the relationship of parts to a whole
a) pie
b) column
c) scatter
d) line

Shows the relationship between two categories of data, creating data points that are unrelated to each other
a) scatter chart
b) column chart
c) line chart
d) pie chart

Illustrates trends over time
a) line chart
b) pie chart
c) win/loss sparkline
d) column chart

Shows relationships among categories of data
a) column chart
b) line chart
c) pie chart
d) scatter chart

Tracks gains or losses
a) win/loss sparkline
b) line chart
c) pie chart
d) column chart

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