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to speak in a dull monotonous manner
a) shy
b) Doned
c) polite
d) quite

a number of animals kept feeding or moving together
a) herding
b) grazing
c) scattered
d) All of the above

to express disapproval
a) wrong
b) protested
c) incorrect
d) Objected

a declaration of objection
a) protested
b) objection
c) disapproval
d) incorrect

slow to act
a) careful
b) calm
c) slow
d) hesitate

someone who rises in arms against the government
a) enemies
b) rebels
c) terrorists
d) muslims

objects scattered about
a) rain
b) garbage
c) littered
d) mess

move from place without purpose
a) piontless
b) lost
c) wander
d) useless

without a purpose
a) scurry
b) scatter
c) wander
d) aimless

to stop temporarily, usually command
a) bush
b) slow
c) halted
d) stop

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