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a diffrence, something that is diffrent
a) contrast
b) compare
c) diffrent
d) diffrence

to change and grow
a) mature
b) change
c) contrast
d) develop

to study something closely
a) stalk
b) watch
c) Analyze
d) observe

someone who rises in arms against the government
a) anarchist
b) rebels
c) clown
d) villian

to move at a hurried pace
a) run
b) scurry
c) jog
d) sneak

part of the book that helps you locate or learn something
a) Text features
b) scurry
c) features
d) hurry

theme or focus
a) holloween
b) center
c) ideas
d) central ideas

to decide something
a) hesitate
b) determine
c) objected
d) protest

a person portrayed in a novel or drama
a) person
b) Connor
c) characters
d) actors

the perspective of which a writer or person presents information
a) view
b) points of view
c) perspective
d) angle

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