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. A type of psychology in which the psychologist deals with emotional and behavioral problems of clients
a) clinical
b) developmental
c) forensic
d) industrial

A type of psychology in which the psychologists are concerned with the performance of players
a) sports
b) developmental
c) forensic
d) industrial

Psychological approach founded by Watson concerned with how the environment shapes a person.
a) behavioral approach
b) humanistic approach
c) psychodynamic approach
d) sociocultural approach

Psychological perspective founded by Carl Rogers that focuses on healthy people and how to better one’s self.
a) humanistic
b) behavioral
c) psychodynamic
d) sociocultural

A type of psychology in which the psychologists study how to improve learning and the learning process.
a) educational
b) sports
c) forensic
d) industrial

. A type of psychology in which the psychologists study the physical, mental, and moral growth of a person.
a) personality
b) educational
c) forensic
d) sports

Psychological approach founded by Freud that deals with the unresolved inner conflicts of a person’s unconscious mind.
a) psychodynamic
b) humanisitc
c) sociocultural
d) behavioral

Type of psychology that is concerned with the workplace and productivity
a) industrial
b) sport
c) educational
d) forensic

Define psychology
a) scientific study of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
b) scientific study of the mind
c) scientific study of feelings, mind,and behaviors
d) scientific study of behavior and the mind

The three goals of psychology are to predict, control, and
a) explain
b) provide
c) heal
d) educate

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