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without purpose
a) purposeless
b) piontless
c) aimed
d) aimless

to speak in a dull monotonous manner
a) respectful
b) respect
c) manners
d) droned

a number of animal kept feeding or moving together
a) herd
b) bunch
c) herding
d) herder

part of the book that helps you locate or learn something
a) features
b) text features
c) index
d) glossory

to decide something
a) pick
b) choose
c) decide
d) determine

theme or focus
a) theme
b) idea
c) central idea
d) focus

undeveloped land or country areas
a) bush
b) forest
c) plains
d) all of the above

a person portrayed in a novel
a) Salva
b) aimless
c) Characters
d) All of the above

the perspective of which a writer or person present information
a) view
b) points of view
c) sight
d) focus

a diffrence, something that is diffrent
a) contrast
b) opposite
c) differ
d) alike

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