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A pull to the arm or leg muscles to bring a bone back into place when it is dislocated or fractured
a) tractor
b) contract
c) traction
d) retraction

To pull something out, therefore having less left over: to take away from
a) traction
b) attract
c) subtract
d) tractor

You are in school to learn from this.
a) destruction
b) construction
c) substructures
d) instruction

Which branch of science investigates how the brain affects the body?
a) neurobiology
b) biography
c) autobiography
d) biology

This form of work involves building homes and office buildings.
a) instruction
b) construction
c) substructures
d) reconstruction

What do you call something that is built on top of something else?
a) superstructure
b) substructure
c) instructor
d) destruction

Which type of science investigates living things?
a) neurobiology
b) biography
c) autobiography
d) biology

There are many books written about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. They are what type of book?
a) antibiotics
b) biographies
c) biology
d) autobiographies

When you have an ear infection, what might a doctor prescribe?
a) antibiotics
b) biology
c) biographies
d) a biopsy

When the boy tried to navigate around the cones with his bicycle, what did he do?
a) maneuver
b) manacles
c) mandate
d) manuals

What does a town, city, or state create to make sure that a rule or law is followed?
a) mandate
b) manipulate
c) maneuver
d) emancipate

Old books sometimes use this word instead of handcuffs.
a) maneuvers
b) manacles
c) emancipate
d) manager

Most of these living things walk upright instead of crawling
a) bipeds
b) quadrupeds
c) tripods
d) peddlers

Tanya jumped when she saw one of these crawling across her living room. She was sure it had 100 legs.
a) millipede
b) centipede
c) biped
d) quadruped

Students walking across Main Street need to look both ways because ______ need to be careful to avoid being hit by a car.
a) pedestrians
b) peddlers
c) centipedes
d) pedals

A powerful vehicle that pulls farm machines and hauls heavy loads
a) tractor
b) retraction
c) manacles
d) maneuver

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