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Cats and dogs are examples of these.
a) quadrupeds
b) bipeds
c) tripods
d) peddlers

Let's put the camera on this stand so it won't wiggle as much.
a) quadruped
b) peddler
c) pedestrian
d) tripod

Most bicycles have two of these that make the wheels turn around.
a) pedals
b) peddlers
c) impediments
d) pedestrians

Gerald looked through the peep hole in his front door and saw one of these holding a box of candy.
a) pedestrian
b) millipede
c) quadruped
d) peddler

This person at KFC is in charge of hiring the new workers for the summer.
a) manacle
b) emancipator
c) manager
d) maneuver

Authors create these before they are edited and revised by their publishing companies.
a) manuals
b) manuscripts
c) manacles
d) maneuvers

When studying how living thinkgs share the same living space and get along, what relationship are you looking at?
a) symbiosis
b) biography
c) biology
d) neurobiology

If you are trying to get into a rusted lock, you may have to do this to the key to get the lock open.
a) manipulate
b) manacle
c) manufactre
d) manager

The more expensive it is for workers and companies to do this, the more you will pay for a product.
a) manipulate
b) manufacture
c) maneuver
d) emancipate

The more expensive it is for workers and companies to do this, the more you will pay for a product.
a) manipulate
b) manufacture

Devon eats mostly natural foods because he believes they will help him live longer. What type of diet does he have?
a) neurobiology
b) biology
c) macrobiotic
d) antibiotics

Which layer on Earth has the living things?
a) atmosphere
b) biosphere
c) core
d) galaxy

A flood can wash away an entire town, creating this on a massive scale.
a) destruction
b) construction
c) instruction
d) superstructure

Your teacher is also known as this, since he or she builds your knowledge about math.
a) instructor
b) substructure
c) destructor
d) obstruction

Something that stands in your way is called what?
a) construction
b) destruction
c) obstruction
d) instruct

After an earthquake or other natural disaster, what do people need to do to rebuild their homes?
a) superstructure
b) reconstruct
c) misconstrue
d) obstruct

Because her favorite color was red, she was always _____ to strawberries in the store.
a) distracted
b) attracted
c) traction
d) retraction

To make something take longer, to prolong
a) protract
b) abstract
c) subtract
d) traction

Process of withdrawing, pulling out
a) contraction
b) retraction
c) protract
d) attract

Pulled away from direct relation to anything; impersonal as in attitude or views
a) traction
b) tractor
c) abstract
d) protract

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