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What is another word for misunderstanding something?
a) misconstrue
b) instruct
c) construction
d) destructive

The doctor was performing this surgery to examine the tissue for cancer cells.
a) biosphere
b) neurobiology
c) antibiotic
d) biopsy

Bridges must be built to withstand expansion and ______ caused by weather.
a) retraction
b) contraction
c) traction
d) attraction

How do we describe a group of people who are set free from unfair laws or captured?
a) manipulated
b) manacled
c) emancipated
d) mandated

This comes with most products that you buy and tells you how to use them and/or set them up.
a) manacle
b) manicure
c) manager
d) manual

Although Marissa walked with a limp, she didn't let this ______ get in her way.
a) impediment
b) peddler
c) pedestrian
d) pedicure

Did you see Chloe's pet? It had a thousand legs. It must have been one of these.
a) centiped
b) quadruped
c) millipede
d) biped

Ms. Hicks has been doing so much writing for her graduate class, that her hands are sore. She need to go get a _____, a treatement for her hands and nails.
a) manicure
b) pedicure
c) manual
d) manacles

Because Ms. Davis stands around the classroom all day, Cade gave her a ______ for Valentine's Day. He wanted her to have a treatment for her feet.
a) pedicure
b) manicure
c) biped
d) peddler

If you want to study living things in your future, what might you want to become?
a) biologist
b) biography
c) antibiotic
d) neurobiologist

If Michael Jordan decides to write a book about his life growing up and becoming a basketball player, what kind of book would he be writing?
a) biography
b) biology
c) symbiosis
d) autobiography

Because the basement was flooded during the storm, the buildier said there was damage to the _______.
a) obstruction
b) misconstrue
c) substructure
d) superstructure

The parts of a city on which the rest of the city was built around is called the _______.
a) construction
b) obstruction
c) infrastructure
d) reconstruct

The students in the back of the room were ______ the class by talking while the class was trying to read silently.
a) extracting
b) distracting
c) pedestrian
d) subtracting

Which root word means to pull?
a) tract
b) ped
c) struct
d) bio

Which root word means life?
a) struct
b) tract
c) man/manu
d) bio

His tooth was so decayed that the dentist had to _____ or pull his tooth out by force.
a) abstract
b) contract
c) extract
d) traction

Which root word means to build?
a) bio
b) tract
c) struct
d) ped

Which root word means foot?
a) ped
b) struct
c) tract
d) bio

Which root word means hand?
a) ped
b) man/manu
c) bio
d) struct

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