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___ such as rectangles, circles, arrows, and symbols, can help make a worksheet more informative
a) Shapes
b) Objects
c) Pictures
d) Screenshots

Which of the following is an example of an object?
a) shape
b) picture
c) chart
d) all of these

____ graphics enhance worksheets by providing a visual representation of information and ideas.
a) SmartArt
b) SmartPhotos
c) SmartClips
d) SmartPictures

___ are predesigned workbook files that you can use as the basis or model for new workbooks
a) templates
b) forms
c) formats
d) images

A ____ is a reference in a worksheet that opens another file or page when you click it
a) hyperlink
b) button
c) transporter
d) pop-up cell

When data with letters is arranged in alphabetical order (A to Z), from lowest to highest, its referred to as ____ order.
a) ascending
b) descending

When data with letters is arranged in alphabetical order (Z to A), from highest to lowest, its referred to as ____ order.
a) descending
b) ascending

When you want to see all the data in a worksheet again, you can restore all the rows by ___ the filter.
a) clearing
b) embedded
c) reasearch
d) screenshot

A ____ is a picture of all or part of something you can see on your monitor.
a) screenshot
b) active worksheet
c) source
d) 3-D reference

The ____ task pane provides access to information typically found in references such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias
a) research
b) 3-D reference
c) active worksheet
d) data source

Displays a subset of the data that meets certain criteria and temporarily hides the rows that do not meet the specified criteria
a) filtering
b) hiding
c) sort
d) conditional formatting

Rearranging the data in a more meaningful order
a) sort
b) hiding
c) filtering
d) conditional formatting

A note attached to a cell that is usually used to explain or identify information contained in the cell
a) comment
b) sort
c) conditional formatting
d) hiding

Highlights worksheet data by changing the look of cells that meet a specified condition
a) conditional formatting
b) hiding
c) filtering
d) comment

Temporarily removing a row or column from view
a) hiding
b) conditional formatting
c) filtering
d) comment

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