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Jerome notices that two stars appear to have the same brightness. He knows that one of the stars is much farther away than the other. What could he conclude about the two stars?
a) The one that is closer must be brighter.
b) The one that is farther away must be brighter.
c) Both stars must have the exact same actual brightness.
d) Both stars must give off the exact same amount of energy.

Which of the following can help you see stars?
a) Telescope
b) Microscope
c) Staroscope
d) Stethescope

Which is NOT a way we describe stars?
a) Size
b) Heat
c) Brightness
d) Color

Stars give off ____________ energy.
a) electric
b) magnetic
c) kinetic
d) radiant

How does the telescope affect how Randi sees stars?
a) it magnifies them
b) it reduces their size
c) it changes their color
d) it makes them seem farther away

What is the closest star to Earth?
a) the Moon
b) Pluto
c) the Sun
d) the Big Dipper

What does the Sun NOT provide for Earth?
a) light
b) heat
c) radiant energy
d) water tides

Why does the sun seem so large and bright?
a) It is the brightest star we know
b) It is the closest to the Earth
c) It is very far away from Earth
d) it is yellow

Why do scientists use models?
a) To get to touch things
b) To conduct experiments
c) To look practice crafting abilities
d) To look at things that are normally too big or too small to look at

Which is an example of overcoming gravity?
a) throwing a ball and letting it hit the ground
b) jumping in the air
c) parachute
d) a pencil falling off a desk

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