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Why was President Roosevelt a frequent visitor to Georgia?
a) He visited Savannah regularly to monitor CCC work on the ports.
b) He toured Georgia to see how well his New Deal programs were working.
c) He was from Georgia and came back often to visit family.
d) He visited Warm Springs in order to try to heal from polio.

How did the Rural Electrification Administration impact Georgians?
a) Providing access to electricity for rural households.
b) Providing cheaper electricity to cities.
c) Providing electrical appliances to poor people.
d) Increasing the cost of electricity in rural areas.

How did Ellis Arnall impact Georgia?
a) Supporting the white primary.
b) Restoring accreditation to the University System of Georgia.
c) Helping to bring sports teams to Atlanta.
d) Supporting the continuation of the poll tax.

Which was Bell Aircraft important to Georgia during WWII?
a) Bell Aircraft produced bomber airplanes and employed thousands of Georgians.
b) Bell Aircraft invented airplanes that could be used to transport troops.
c) Bell Aircraft invented aircraft carriers that could travel with the Navy.
d) Bell Aircraft invented the first airplane to be able to carry a nuclear warhead.

Among the four major types of transportation in Georgia, which provide Georgians with DOMESTIC goods?
a) Ships, Planes, Trucks
b) Ships, Trucks
c) Trucks, Trains
d) Planes, Trucks, Trains

Which of the following BEST describes the impact of the Social Security Administration?
a) It was a program created to help young workers get job training.
b) It was a program that provided unemployment benefits to unemployed workers.
c) It was a program that provided benefits to people 65 years and older.
d) was a program that helped poor families during the depression.

Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Georgia Pacific and Delta Airlines are important examples of entrepreneurship because they have
a) improved Georgia’s economy by creating jobs and income
b) increased the size of local government
c) increased the unemployment rate
d) improved environmental protection in Georgia

The Lend-Lease Act passed by Congress during WWII did which of the following?
a) It supplied weapons to Japan and Germany in order to support the Axis powers.
b) It supplied weapons and equipment to the Allies in exchange for placing American military bases on their lands.
c) It allowed the leasing of American territory for the Allied war effort in exchange for protection from the Axis powers.
d) It lent supplies to American factories in order to build war materials.

All of the following were events that led to World War I EXCEPT:
a) the Zimmerman telegram
b) assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife
c) U.S. anger over losing the Mexican-American War
d) sinking of the Lusitania

Richard Russell was an important Georgia figure during WWII because he
a) was a decorated war veteran who participated in D-Day.
b) supported civil rights in Georgia and desegregation of the military.
c) brought air transportation to Atlanta and raised money to build the airport, making Georgia an early leader in international
d) was a lawmaker who brought military funding to Georgia, improving Georgia’s economy and the role of Georgia in the war moveme

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