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Which sentence would BEST follow this paragraph? Class elections are this Friday during the noon hour. Remember, voting is a privilege. Don't take it for granted.
a) Vote for David Rawlings.
b) Gina Harris is the best person for president.
c) Class elections are held once a year.
d) Please vote, and make you voice heard.

Which sentence does NOT show correct subject/verb agreement?
a) Janice washed her soccer uniform.
b) She have a big game Tuesday night.
c) The coach called each player himself.
d) He wanted them to get there early.

Which sentence contains an error in capitalization?
a) Mr. Jones lives in Evansville.
b) Every day he drives to his business, the Downtown Diner.
c) Musicians like to eat at the diner.
d) It is located at 210 w. alameda avenue

Which sentence does NOT use correct subject-verb agreement?
a) A sunbeam burst through the thick clouds.
b) The boys swim across the river yesterday.
c) Ellen ate a late breakfast.
d) My mother took me to school.

Which is the best way to combine the following sentences? We went to the football game. My brother was playing.
a) We went to the football game, since my brother was playing.
b) We went to the football game, so my brother was playing.
c) We went to the football fame, but my brother was playing.
d) We went to the football game; however, my brother was playing.

Which would NOT be a supporting detail for the following topic sentence? Everyone should learn how to play a musical instrument.
a) Playing an instrument is a fun hobby.
b) Learning to play an instrument promotes discipline.
c) Playing an instrument well promotes self-esteem.
d) There are several kinds of pianos.

Which sentence doesn't fit in a paragraph?
a) Everyone should eat a balanced diet.
b) it also helps keep illnesses away.
c) My favorite food is pizza.
d) This kind of diet will keep you feeling and looking your best.

Which is the run-on sentence?
a) Hillary, Tom, and I saw a great movie last night.
b) We'd wanted to see it for a long time last night was the night.
c) It was about an alien who attacks Earth and it was very scary.
d) Although it was good, I was glad when it was over.

Which word might BEST replace the word good in the following sentence? The good gardener often helped beginners plant their gardens.
a) better
b) boring
c) best
d) kind

Which transitional word BEST completes the following sentence? Maria hoped to get a perfect score on her science test; _____ , she studied for several hours the day before the test.
a) therefore
b) but
c) besides
d) likewise

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