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Which of these sentences is punctuated properly?
a) Friday, the eve of the weekend, is my favorite day of the week.
b) Friday, the eve of the weekend is my favorite day of the week.
c) Friday the eve of the weekend is my favorite day of the week.
d) Friday, the eve, of the weekend is my favorite day of the week.

Which pronoun BEST replaces it in the following sentence? Among the members of the team, it were the players who needed the most work.
a) them
b) its
c) they
d) their

Which of the following is a sentence fragment?
a) Wallace enjoyed his morning ride, but not his afternoon ride home.
b) Wallace's morning and afternoon rides.
c) Wallace will not be riding his bike again because the weather is unpredictable.
d) Wallace's mom would have been worried if she had seen him cold and wet.

Which word BEST replaces spend in the following sentence? Haley spend the day shopping with her grandmother.
a) will spend
b) spending
c) spended
d) am spending

Which word BEST replaces greatly in the following sentence? Cashmere is the greatly expensive type of wool anyone can buy.
a) more
b) costlier
c) good
d) most

Which of these sentences is punctuated correctly?
a) Wild hogs are often found living in American forests; but not in all forest areas.
b) Don't avoid these areas when you hike; just take precautions.
c) Keep your wits about you in areas where wild hogs live, they can be dangerous.
d) If you aren't sure about the kind of wildlife in an area, ask a ranger for information.

Which word is NOT capitalized correctly? The Johnson family will visit states in the southeast, such as Georgia and Alabama.
a) Johnson
b) states
c) southeast
d) Georgai

The ______ flowers are the ones that also have the nicest scents.
a) pretty
b) prettiest
c) prettier
d) more pretty

Anacondas _______ their prey to death before they eat it.
a) squeeze
b) squeezes
c) squeezed
d) squeezing

Which would NOT be a supporting detail for this topic sentence? There are many ways to save energy and help the environment.
a) Turn the heat down to 68 degrees, and you will still be comfortable.
b) Make sure to turn off lights when you leave a room.
c) Insulate the windows so heat does not escape.
d) Money not spent on energy bill can be used for other purchases.

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