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Which sentence contains an incorrect possessive?
a) My two sister's pen pals wrote on the same day.
b) The mother's smiles were polite and caring.
c) No field trips can be taken without the principal's permission.
d) My kitten's toys are scattered all over the floor.

Not Ralph, but Tracy lost ______ coat.
a) she
b) her
c) hers
d) her's

It is time to visit dr. Gomez's Elm Street office. Which word should be capitalized?
a) time
b) dr.
c) Elm
d) office

Which change should be made to the following sentence? Running along the fence after a squirrel.
a) A squirrel running along the fence.
b) Along the fence, a running squirrel.
c) The dog was running along the fence after a squirrel.
d) Running a squirrel along the fence.

Which writing structure is BEST for explaining how a historical event happened.?
a) order of importance
b) cause and effect
c) compare and contrast
d) sequence of events

Mary _______ polishing her skis for winter vacation.
a) is
b) were
c) are
d) am

Which sentence below is punctuated correctly?
a) At the end of the game, we will have a party.
b) Rhonda who arrived last, brought the best pizza.
c) The cat caught the mouse which was under the porch.
d) No one not even me, saw that one coming

Of the two sweaters, I like the red one __________.
a) best
b) better
c) good
d) most

Which word in the following sentence is NOT capitalized correctly? Jason Roberts told the class about his Grandparents in Macon.
a) Jason
b) Roberts
c) Grandparents
d) Macon

Which transitional word would MOST LIKELY be used to show contrast between paragraphs?
a) likewise
b) certainly
c) however
d) similarly

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