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Which of the following is the correct empirical formula for C4H10?
a) C2H5
b) CH2.5
c) C8H20
d) C4H10

A substance has a molecular formula of C8H10N4O2. The empirical formula is
a) C2H6N2O
b) C4H5N2O
c) C9H7N3O

All of the following are empirical formulas EXCEPT
a) C3H8
b) Na2SO4
c) N2O4
d) Al3(SO4)2

Which of the following is an empirical formula?
a) H2O2
b) N2O
c) C2H4
d) P4O10

A chemical formula that shows the actual # and kinds of atoms present in one molecule of a compound is called ____________.
a) ionic formula
b) covalent formula
c) empirical formula
d) molecular formula

A formula with the lowest whole # ratio of elements in a compound is called ______________.
a) chemical formula
b) covalent formula
c) empirical formula
d) molecular formula

A compound is 25.9% nitrogen and 74.1% oxygen. Find its empirical formula.
a) NO
b) N2O4
c) N2O5
d) N4O6

Determine the empirical formula for a compound with 87.1% Ag and 12.9% S.
a) Ag2S
b) AgS2
c) Ag3S5
d) Ag4S2

The empirical formula of a substance is CH2O. Its molar mass is 180. What is the molecular formula?
a) C2H4O2
b) C4H8O4
c) C6H12O6
d) C8H16O8

Epinephrine (adrenaline) is a hormone secreted into the bloodstream in times of stress. It contains 59.0% C, 7.15% H, 26.20% O, and 7.65% N and has a molar mass of 183 g/mol. What is its molecular formula?
a) C8H12NO2
b) C9H13NO3
c) C7H9N2O
d) C5H11N3O2

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