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What solid object can be identify into circle?
a) A. cone
b) B. box
c) C. marble
d) D. pencil

Which shape do you compared like a Christmas tree?
a) A. oval
b) B. triangle
c) C. square
d) D. rectangle

Which is rounded slightly elongated?
a) A. eggplant
b) B. plate
c) C. frame
d) D. table

What object that has four right angle and four straight side?
a) A. wall clock
b) B. door
c) C. bag
d) D. crayons

what shape that you can see in mountain?
a) A. triangle
b) B. round
c) C. square
d) D. oval

What is the best example of rectangular shape?
a) A. electricfan
b) B. pillow
c) C. notebook
d) D. bicycle

What is firm and stable in shape?
a) A. figure
b) B. shape
c) c. solid
d) D. triangle

What is outline of an area or figure?
a) A. figure
b) B. solid
c) C. square
d) D. shape

What is the best example of elongated object?
a) A. cone
b) B. box
c) C. Rugby ball
d) D. pencil

which is the outline of an area or given?
a) A. square
b) B. shape
c) C. round
d) D. oval

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