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Why does a sea breeze begin?
a) the sun heats land more quickly than water
b) The sun heats water more quiclky than land.
c) kdlksd
d) It is always sunny at the beach.

Average high and low temperatures for a particular date on a weather report are talking about
a) d
b) weather trends
c) changes in the weather
d) climate

Why does the wind always blow at a beach?
a) d
b) land and water holding thermal energy differntly or cooling and heating differently.
c) Waves make the wind blow.
d) The turning of the earth makes the wind blow.

Which way does the wind blow over the United States due to global wind patterns?
a) East to West
b) West to East
c) North to South
d) South to North

Storms transport water in the form of rain. The energy that starts this process comes from the
a) spinning of the earth
b) clouds
c) rain falling earlier
d) sun

low pressure systems bring what kind of weather?
a) warm and sunny
b) windy and wet
c) fog and rain
d) dry and sunny

climate of an area is affected by
a) distance from an ocean
b) number of trees in the area
c) number of people in the area
d) large river going through it

Hurricanes form over water and lose wind speed when they move over land. What does this pattern best illustrate?
a) ........
b) Oceans transfer more energy to the atmosphere than land does.
c) cold water will make cold hurricanes
d) deserts are safer than oceans

Which best describes climate?
a) .........
b) It usually rains most in the fall
c) Weather patterns over time
d) Georgia is warmer than New York

What does the ocean do that affects weather?
a) hold heat more effectively than air
b) gives homes to many species
c) covers ocean crust
d) keep people cool in the summer

Which is the main cause of global wind patterns?
a) uneven heating of earth
b) spinning of earth
c) mountain ranges
d) the size of Africa

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