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A Growing State.[print questions]

_________, __________, __________ became a territory of the United States after the end of the Spanish-American War.
a) Guam, Phillipines, Puerto Rico
b) Guam, Bahamas, Jamaica
c) Puerto Rico, Alabama, Georgia
d) Phillipines, Guam, Bahamas

Tampa has a neighborhood called ___________ ____________.
a) Miami
b) Ybor City
c) Tarpon Springs
d) Masaryktown

Many Army officers lived in ____________ which served as a port for troops to sail to Cuba.
a) Miami
b) Tallahassee
c) Puerto Rico
d) Tampa

___________ was chosen to become a base for the U.S. Navy during the war because it was close to Cuba.
a) Ybor City
b) Tampa
c) Tallahassee
d) Key West

Most immigrants came to Florida in the early 1900’s to ___________________.
a) sun bathe
b) Find jobs
c) grow oranges
d) visit

Miami was the city that many ____________ choose to settle.
a) Bahamians
b) Cubans
c) Greeks
d) Indians

Theodore Roosevelt was the leader of the ____________ _________ during the Spanish- American war.
a) Revolutionary War
b) Spanish American War
c) U.S. Navy
d) Rough Riders

The ______________ are responsible for developing Florida’s cigar industry.
a) Bahamians
b) Cubans
c) Phillipines
d) Greeks

As a result of the _______________ many orange growers moved south and planted groves in drained land.
a) Orange Craze
b) Great Freeze
c) Orange Rot
d) Greening

___________ developed an orange that ripened early, contributing greatly to the orange industry.
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Hamilton Disston
c) Lou Gim Gong
d) Henry Flagler

________________ built the Royal Palm Hotel in Miami.
a) Lue Gim Gong
b) Henry Flagler
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Hamilton Disston

New railroads were built near the panhandle causing the town of ______________’s timber industry to grow.
a) Miami
b) Tampa
c) Ybor City
d) Caryville

____________ __________ was a developer who purchased 4 million acres of land in central and southern Florida to drain and use for farming and railroad extension.
a) Henry Flagler
b) Lue Gim Gong
c) Hamilton Disston
d) Theodore Roosevelt

To ________________is to move from one country to another country.
a) immigrant
b) migrate
c) move
d) travel

___________was a new type of power that allowed people and goods to move faster and easier from town to town.
a) steam
b) electricity
c) solar
d) wind

A __________________purchases land and prepares it for people to use.
a) real estate agent
b) contractor
c) developer
d) purchaser

A _______________ is a group of soldiers who serve on horseback.
a) calvary
b) troop
c) pack
d) None of the above

A person who travels for pleasure is a _________________.
a) visitor
b) tourist
c) traveler
d) None of the above

The increasing economic opportunities in Florida in the early 1900’s caused its population to _________________.
a) decreased
b) increased
c) stayed the same
d) None of the above

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