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Infection Control Review, Health Science Review.[print questions]

What are the two pathogens spread by bodily fluids that are a major concern.
b) Tuberculosis and Hepatitis C
c) HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B/C
d) Hepatitis B and Influenza

What are the four types of isolation?
a) Airborne, Contaminated, Sectioned, Diverged
b) Airborne, Contact, Standard, Droplet
c) Contact, Droplet, Sectioned, Contaminated
d) Airborne, Standard, Diverged, Contact

What is protective/reverse isolation?
a) When you reverse an operation
b) When you isolate someone by protecting them with the FBI
c) When you become a hermit and isolate yourself from society
d) When you have to protect the patient

What's the first thing you should do when pricked by a contaminated needle?
a) Report it immediately
b) Look at the blood curiously
c) Take Advil and ignore it
d) Poke it again

Why do we use mouthpieces during CPR?
a) So you don't end up like Wendy Peffercorn
b) So you can whisper little secrets to them while they're away
c) So you can breathe underwater
d) To avoid the spread of unknown diseases

What is the definition of clean?
a) Free from dirt, marks, or stains.
b) Morally uncontaminated; pure; innocent.
c) Objects or parts of objects do not contain disease producing organisms have minimal chance of spreading the disease
d) A song without cuss words

What is one type of PPE (Personal protection equipment)
a) Close-toed shoes
b) Goggles
c) Helmets
d) Armour

What is a communicable disease?
a) A disease that is easily spread from one person to another.
b) A disease that spreads from alien to alien
c) A disease that spreads by communicating
d) A disease that spreads by animals to aliens

How should needles and syringes be disposed?
a) In the nasty green trash bin
b) In the compost
c) In the pretty red sharps box
d) Eaten

What type of isolation uses standard precautions
a) Airborne. Where things fly.
b) ~ Droplets like a waterfall ~
c) Contact. Not the phone or eye kind.
d) Standard. Just. Standard. That's it.

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