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Which part of the cell is the leader, making all the decisions?
a) Cell Membrane
b) Nucleus
c) Cytoplasm
d) Chloroplast

The cytoplast is made of what?
a) Hard, rigid materials like cellulose.
b) A soft, smooth skin.
c) Wavy layers.
d) Mostly water, with nutrients floating in it.

The nucleus gets its orders on what to have the cell do from what?
a) Blueprints
b) TNT
c) DNA
d) CH3

The cell membrane has selective permeability. What does this mean?
a) It can choose what comes and goes.
b) It decides when it wants to do its job.
c) It gets to choose what the cell does.
d) It lasts forever.

The chloroplast makes food for plant cells. What does it need to do this?
a) Water and minerals.
b) Vitamins and minerals.
c) Sunlight and water.
d) Sunlight and minerals.

How is the cell wall of plants different from the cell membrane of animals?
a) They are the same.
b) The cell membrane can let things in and out, but not the cell wall.
c) The cell wall is smooth, while the cell membrane is rough.
d) The cell wall is hard and rigid, the cell membrane is flexible.

Which part of the cell gives the other parts a place to live?
a) Nucleus
b) Cytoplasm
c) Chloroplast
d) Vacuole

Where do plants get their energy?
a) Drawn up through roots.
b) Made in the chloroplast.
c) Soaked in through leaves.
d) By eating insects.

What essential nutrient for animals is found in plant cells.
a) Oils
b) Protein
c) Fat
d) Carbohydrates

Why do cows have multiple stomachs?
a) Because more stomachs means they can eat more food.
b) To break down plant material that humans can't digest.
c) Because they need separate stomachs for different foods.
d) Because they are so large.

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