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Which step of a star's life can be compared to a fetus?
a) protostar
b) main-sequence
c) Giant/Supergiant
d) White Dwarf

A Very High Mass star's life ends in
a) a black hole
b) a white dwarf
c) a neutron star
d) a planetary nebula

A High Mass star's life ends in
a) a Neutron Star
b) a Planetary Nebula
c) a White Dwarf
d) a Black Hole

A star typically spends 90% of its life as a
a) main-sequence star
b) a protostar
c) a giant/supergiant star
d) a white dwarf star

Every star begin its life in an area in space called a(n)
a) stellar nebula
b) planetary nebula
c) black hole
d) none of the answers are correct

A protostar becomes a star when
a) nuclear fusion begins in the core
b) it gets big enough
c) 10 billion years have passed
d) it has become a teenager

The hottest stars are ________________ in color.
a) blue/blue-white
b) red
c) orange
d) yellow

The coolest stars are _________________ in color.
a) red
b) blue/blue-white
c) orange
d) yellow

To escape the force exerted by a Black Hole, you must be traveling faster than the
a) speed of light
b) speed of sound
c) Usain Bolt
d) Lindsay Vonn

What star is formed after a Planetary Nebula?
a) White Dwarf Star
b) Neutron Star
c) Main-Sequence Star
d) Giant/Supergiant Star

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