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1. When a solution evaporates from a container, ________________ may remain at the bottom or sides.
a) solvent
b) chemical
c) solute
d) saluration

2. Susan mixed together coarse sand, salt and iron filings in 150mL of water. Which series of steps will most easily separate the substance of mixture?
a) A. Filter out the salt and attract the iron filing with a magnet.
b) B. Heat the solution and filter out the sand and salt.
c) C. Filter out the coarse sand. Attract iron filings with a magnet. Heat and evaporate off the water from the salt.
d) D. Attract the iron filings with a magnet. Filter out the salt. Evaporate the water from the coarse sand.

3. In which temperature of water would sugar dissolve slowest?
a) boiling water
b) hot water
c) room temperature water
d) ice water

Which of these statements is true?
a) All mixtures are also solutions
b) all mixtures are compounds
c) All compounds are also mixtures.
d) All solutions are also mixtures

8. Kool-Aid is an example of _______________.
a) an element
b) a compund
c) a chemcial
d) a solution

a) liquid turns to gas
b) two or more materials mixed together
c) when a solid disappers into a liquid
d) special shape of a solid

a) liquid turns into gas
b) two or more materials mixed together
c) when a solid disappears into a liquid
d) characteristic of an object

a) two or more materials mixed together
b) a specail mixture that can not easily be separted
c) when a solid disapperas into a liquid
d) specail shape for a solid

a) anything that has mas and takes up space
b) special shape of a solid
c) when a solid disappers into a liquid
d) two or more materials mixed together

One characteristic of a solid is that
a) particles are tightly packed
b) it takes the shape of its container
c) it can be poured
d) particles are spread far apart

Which will produce a chemical reaction?
a) salt into pepper
b) baking soda into vinegar
c) paper into a shredder
d) rock into water

How is a gas different from a solid or a liquid
a) it is made of tiny particles
b) it has volume
c) it expands to fill its container
d) it has density

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