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Who are the founding fathers of the United States?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) All of the above.

A president can be in charge of our country for two terms. Each term is four years. How many years can a person serve as president?
a) 2
b) 6
c) 4
d) 8

Thomas Jefferson wrote most of the Declaration of Independence. What is the purpose of this document?
a) To describe our Govenrment.
b) To declare the 13 colonies independent and free from Great Britain.
c) To explain what life was like in the 1700's.
d) To help Thomas Jefferson practice cursive.

Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr said that All Men are Created Equal. what else did those two men have in common?
a) Both men were president.
b) Both men lived in the same time period.
c) Both men were not very good at giving speeches.
d) Both men were assassinated for their beliefs and died.

Which is an example of a boycott?
a) A group of people telling others not to eat at certain restaurant.
b) A boy who is caught in a trap.
c) A group of people who are not riding the bus because the bus company raised the prices of their bust tickets.
d) A group of people who disagree with each other about a certain topic.

What is segregation?
a) People of all races getting along.
b) Not allowing wemon to vote.
c) Separating people of different races.
d) Only allowing men to to be president.

Why was President Lincoln against slavery?
a) A little girl wrote him a letter and asked him to .
b) He thought the south was making to much money.
c) He was the leader of the Underground Railroad.
d) He thought all people should be free.

Who is Ruby Bridges?
a) She gave the famous I have a dream Speech.
b) She was one of the first African American children to go to an all white school.
c) She escaped slavery by using the underground railroad.
d) She had her poetry published and made into a book.

Harriet Tubman helped over 300 slaves escape. What might have happened if she had been caught?
a) She would have been given an award
b) She would have been punished.
c) She would have been freed.
d) She would have been sent to work.

What is the Underground RailRoad
a) A group of people that helped slaves escape
b) A train that took slaves to safe places
c) A tunnel where people bought slaves
d) The home of Harriet Tubmam grew up in

Who refused to give up a seat on a bus and helped to start the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Martin Luther King Jr
c) Rosa Parks
d) Helen Keller

Which word below is another way to describe a president?
a) Lazy
b) Shy
c) Mean
d) Leader

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