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Who do Muslims believe spoke to Muhammad to make him a prophet?
a) an angel of Yahweh
b) Jesus
c) an angel of Allah
d) Buddha

What city finally accepted Islam as its religion in 630 AD?
a) Medina
b) Istanbul
c) Baghdad
d) Mecca

What did Muslim artists use as an art form since they could not represent people or animals in paintings due to their religion?
a) portraits
b) abstract art
c) sculpture
d) calligraphy

What area did Muslims make the most achievements in?
a) architecture
b) philosophy
c) medicine
d) mathematics

Which city was the largest and most advanced city in Europe by the 900’s AD and a showplace of Muslim civilization?
a) Bagdad
b) Jerusalem
c) Cordoba
d) Damascus

Who became the first caliph after Muhammad’s death?
a) Suleyman I
b) Omar Kayyam
c) Abu Bakr
d) Mehmed II

Which of the following was NOT an empire or country defeated by Muslim armies?
a) Persian Empire
b) France
c) Byzantine Empire
d) Spain

What is an Islamic achievement in medicine?
a) medical encyclopedia
b) first pharmacy
c) all of the choices are correct
d) treatment for smallpox

What was an Islamic achievement in geography?
a) better ways of calculating distances
b) better compasses
c) discovery of different types of landforms
d) invention of topographical maps

What religious policy did most Muslim empires have toward Christians and Jews?
a) They could continue to practice their own religion, as long as they didn’t try to spread it.
b) They let the Jews keep their beliefs but not the Christians.
c) They didn’t care what they did as long as they could trade with each other.
d) They thought they must convert to Islam or be put to death.

What sect of Islam thought it did not matter who was caliph as long as they were good Muslims and strong leaders?
a) Sunni
b) Shia

What Muslim philosophy focused teaches that people can find God’s love by having a personal relationship with God?
a) Shia
b) Sunni
c) Sufism
d) Islam

What type of climate does Arabia and North Africa have?
a) tundra
b) polar
c) desert
d) Mediterranean

What types of leaders were caliphs?
a) education
b) political and military
c) sybolic
d) religious

What two forms of literature were popular in the Muslim world?
a) myths and legends
b) epochs and fables
c) poetry and short stories
d) prose and haiku

Why did Muhammad’s teachings upset many people?
a) Both choices 2 and 3
b) They were polytheistic and he taught that there was one god.
c) Muhammad taught that poor and rich are equal.
d) They thought Muhammad wanted to be king of Arabia.

Which of the following is NOT part of the Five Pillars of Islam?
a) Traveling to Mecca at least once on a hajj
b) Following every part of the Qu’ran
c) Fasting during the month of Ramadan
d) Praying five times a day

What is an Islamic achievement in math?
a) the discovery of geometry
b) the discovery of zero
c) they laid the foundations for modern algebra
d) the Pythagorean theorem

What was the greatest Islamic architectural achievement?
a) Black Stone
b) observatories
c) calligraphy
d) mosques

What holy book records the messages Muhammad received and is the basis for Islam?
a) Tanakh
b) Hegira
c) Sunnah
d) Qu'ran

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