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5th Grade Review.[print questions]

Which of the following is the correct definition of weathering?
a) the forming of clouds
b) the breaking down of rocks
c) the removing of rocks
d) a fancy word for raining

How can we define erosion?
a) The processes that involve the movement of soil and rocks.
b) The processes that involve the movement of soil and rock.
c) The breaking down of rocks
d) The building up of sediment

Weathering can involve both
a) physiological and chemical changes
b) precipitation and evaporation
c) sedimentation and run-off
d) physical and chemical changes

All of the following can cause erosion, except
a) gravitational pull
b) digestive enzymes
c) water
d) wind

Water can break down rocks because:
a) water carries strong acids that erode rocks
b) water expands when it freezes in cracks in rocks, gradually breaking them.
c) water takes up less space when it freezes and rocks collapse inward
d) water can precipitate as rain

An example of physical weathering by animals is when:
a) people walk on grass instead of the designated paths
b) insects damage flowers when they are obtaining nectar
c) tree roots break up concrete slabs
d) animals poop outside

Which process comes first, erosion or weathering?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) they both happen at the same time
d) weathering and erosion have nothing to do with each other

Which process is most responsible for the formation of the Grand Canyon?
a) eruptions by explosive volcanoes
b) scouring by continental glaciers
c) cracking of Earth’s crust by earthquakes
d) erosion by wind and water

Which process is responsible for forming sea arches?
a) plate tectonics
b) deposition
c) erosion
d) earthquakes

The freezing and thawing action of water affects a rock by
a) transforming the rock into igneous rock.
b) gradually breaking down the rock into smaller pieces.
c) chemically changing the rock leaving behind sedimentary particles from evaporated solutions.
d) transforming the rock into metamorphic rock.

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