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On an Excel worksheet, the ___________________ displays the contents of the active cell.
a) Formula Bar
b) Address Bar
c) Worksheet
d) Name Box

An Excel file is called a ___________________.
a) Worksheet
b) Workbook
c) Workbar
d) Wordsheet

What is the name given to the intersection of a row and a column in an Excel worksheet?
a) Square
b) Cube
c) Block
d) Cell

A group cells is called a ________________.
a) Collection
b) Range
c) List
d) Formula

In an Excel Worksheet, you can press the _____________________ keys to activate cell A1.
a) Ctrl + Tab
b) Ctrl + Enter
c) Ctrl + Alt
d) Ctrl + Home

In an Excel worksheet, columns are numbered and rows are labeled with letters.
a) True
b) False

19. By default, when typing in an Excel worksheet, all numbers are aligned to the left when they are first entered into the cells.
a) False
b) True

What happens if you key text that is longer than the width of a cell?
a) The text extends into the next cell.
b) The cell is left blank.
c) The extra text is cut off.
d) None of the text is displayed, but it is still stored in the cell.

When keying a formulas in a spreadsheet, what must you key to inform the program that you are entering a formula instead of entering text?
a) +
b) =
c) *
d) /

Which of the following keys can be used to move around in a worksheet?
a) Arrow Keys
b) Tab Key
c) Enter Key
d) All of these keys.

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