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How many grams are in 83.80 L of krypton gas at STP?
a) 100.0 gram Kr
b) 313.5 grams Kr
c) 748.0 grams Kr
d) 374.5 grams Kr

How many grams are in 5.60 L water vapor at STP?
a) 4.50 grams H2O
b) 6.97 grams H2O
c) 0.25 grams H2O
d) 100.8 grams H2O

How many liters are in 5.00 grams methane at STP?
a) 22.4 L CH4
b) 7.00 L CH4
c) 3.57 L CH4
d) 7.00 moles CH4

How many liters are in 1.25 x 10^4 grams of carbon dioxide at STP?
a) 1.26 x 10^5 L CO2
b) 1.50 x 10^3 Liters CO2
c) 2.45 x 10^4 Liters CO2
d) 6.36 x 10^3 Liters CO2

How many grams are in 357 L dinitrogen monoxide, N2O, at STP?
a) 7,996.8 grams N2O
b) 15,708 grams N2O
c) 181.75 grams N2O
d) 701.25 grams N2O

How many grams are in 250 moles of rust, Fe2O3?
a) 15,969.4 grams Fe2O3
b) 39,923.5 grams Fe2O3
c) 10,565.9 grams Fe2O3
d) 25,961.75 grams Fe2O3

How many moles are in 500 grams AlCl3?
a) 133.33 moles AlCl3
b) 66,665 moles AlCl3
c) 3.75 moles AlCl3
d) 8.00 moles AlCl3

How many moles are in 8.01 grams of methane?
a) 179.42 moles CH4
b) 0.3576 moles CH4
c) 0.501 moles CH4
d) 128.16 moles CH4

How many liters are in 5.6 moles of oxygen gas at STP?
a) 125.44 L O2
b) 0.25 L O2
c) 0.175 L O2
d) 179.2 L O2

How many moles are in 100 grams of water?
a) 1.8 moles H2O
b) 5.56 moles H2O
c) 4.46 moles H2O
d) 18 moles H2O

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