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22. James I of England believed in the divine right of kings, which is the idea that kings
a) were equal to God and therefore did not have to live by the laws of the Church
b) were granted the wisdom of God upon assuming the throne and therefore was faultless
c) could know the mind of God and therefore could determine the future through divination
d) received their power from God and were responsible only to God

28. According to John Locke, power comes from the consent of the _____________ and the ____________ have the right to change the government if the government does not protect an individual “natural rights”. What should be in blanks?
a) people
b) cats
c) rights
d) government

What strategy did Czar Alexander I use to defeat Napoleon?
a) scorched-earth policy
b) frontal attack
c) guns and cannons
d) long negotiations

Many French people supported Napoleon because they believed that he would
a) introduce the ideas of the Protestant Reformation
b) restore Louis XIV to power
c) provide stability and defeat France’s enemies
d) end British control of France

The ideas behind the development of a democratic –republican form of government and the Bill of Rights in North America can best be attributed to _______________________________.
a) Vladimir Lenin
b) Voltaire
c) Locke
d) Jose de San Martin

The ideas of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau -------
a) inspired much of the philosophy behind the American and French Revolutions.
b) had a secular outlook that questioned the beliefs and teachings of the Church.
c) emphasized the importance of the individual over the government
d) applied reason to all aspects of life including truth, nature, happiness, progress and liberty.

Men should put their faith in government to provide stability because life is cruel and short. - This statement reflects which Enlightenment thinker?
a) Lenin
b) Hobbes
c) Voltaire
d) Locke

Which was one result of the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence?
a) the growth of European democratic movements
b) the beginning of the Enlightenment
c) the origin of free enterprise
d) the expansion of religious freedom in England

SPEAKER 1 – The general will of the people should decide the laws and government of a nation. - This statement reflects which Enlightenment thinker?
a) Jefferson
b) Montesqueiu
c) Rousseau
d) Franklin

Approximately what percentage of people belonged to the Third Estate in France before the French Revolution?
a) 10
b) 98
c) 75
d) 25

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