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Charlotte is considered a...
a) fruta
b) ciudad
c) viejo
d) anaranjado

which word is the opposite of joven
a) bonito
b) viejo
c) grande
d) moreno

which is a color
a) bajo
b) feo
c) gordo
d) gris

When would you use the word bajo
a) to describe someone's height
b) to describe length
c) to explain intelligence
d) to describe weight

the dog is....
a) verde
b) allí
c) rico
d) marrón

When someone is silly or foolish you would say they are
a) joven
b) viejo
c) tonto
d) fuerte

What does joven mean
a) young
b) old
c) tall
d) small

what is the opposite of bajo
a) corto
b) alto
c) grande
d) pequeño

which is the word for old
a) pequeño
b) pobre
c) gordo
d) viejo

finish the sentence El perro es muy _____
a) moreno
b) bajo
c) azul
d) rubio

`Which word means poor
a) pobre
b) azul
c) pequeño
d) verde

What is fuerte
a) small
b) strong
c) poor
d) ugly

feo is the opposite of which word
a) alto
b) bajo
c) bonito
d) flaco

someone who is skinny is...
a) feo
b) gordo
c) grande
d) flaco

An apple is which color
a) rojo
b) azul
c) anaranjada
d) gris

bajo means
a) tall
b) short
c) ugly
d) fat

rico means
a) poor
b) dirty
c) rich
d) easy

What color was the thinking chair in Blue's Clues
a) gris
b) verde
c) azul
d) rojo

what color is the american dollar bill
a) amarillo
b) verde
c) rojo
d) negro

What does the word allí mean?
a) there
b) here
c) poor
d) place

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