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Skeletal muscles must work in pairs because
a) muscle cells only contract
b) muscle cells only extend
c) when muscles work in pairs, they tire less quickly
d) it takes two muscles to move a bone in one direction

Melanin functions to
a) keep water in the skin
b) surround and protect hair follicles
c) make new living cells in the epidermis
d) protect the skin from sunburn

This structure is made up of different kinds of tissue
a) cell
b) organ
c) organ system
d) epithelial

Which is not found in the dermis
a) canals
b) nerves
c) blood vessels
d) sweat glands

Which type of body tissue contracts?
a) nerve
b) epithelial
c) muscle
d) connective

when an organism's internal environment is stable despite changes in the external environment
a) homeostasis
b) digestion
c) respiration
d) healing

When a bone comes out of a joint
a) sprain
b) concussion
c) fracture
d) dislocation

A break in a bone
a) fracture
b) sprain
c) dislocation
d) concussion

A cardiac muscle is found
a) attached to bone
b) on the stomach
c) in the brain
d) the heart

Which type of joint provides the greatest range of motion?
a) pivot
b) hinge
c) gliding
d) ball and socket

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