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What will happen if a base sequence of a strand of DNA is changed from A-T-G to A-T-C
a) The t-RNA will be changed from C-A-U to C-A-C
b) The m-RNA will be changed from T-U-C to T-U-G
c) The t-RNA will be changes from U-A-C to T-A-C
d) The m-RNA will be changed from U-A-C to U-A-G

Only red tulips from a cross between homozygous red and homozygous white tulips. What type of principle best illustrates the given situation?
a) segregation
b) incomplete dominance
c) dominance
d) independent assortment

According to the gene-chromosome theory, which statement is true?
a) genes are arranged in a linear sequence on a chromosome
b) genes are present only on human chromosomes
c) mutations occur mainly in sex cells
d) alleles are located on nonhomologous chromosomes

Phenlyketonuria (PKU), a human disease characterized by mental retardation,results from the
a) inability to produce a specific enzyme
b) nondisjunction of chromosomes
c) production of poisons by bacteria
d) increases production of several enzymes

In pea plants, tallness is dominant over shortness. If 50% of one generation of pea plants are short, what were the probable genotypes of the parents?
a) Tt x tt
b) TT x tt
c) tt x tt
d) Tt x Tt

What is basic unit of the DNA molecule?
a) nitrogen base
b) amino acid
c) nucleotide
d) phosphate group

Based on the gene chromosome theory, the law of independent assortment assumes that certain genes are what?
a) located on the same chromosome
b) formed in the cytoplasm
c) located on separate chromosomes
d) formed by chromosomal mutation

A husband and wife are going to have a baby. The husband has type AB blood, and the wife has type O. Which could NOT be the blood type of their child?
a) AB
b) A
c) B
d) All of the above could be the blood type of their child

Where does the hereditary information for most traits is generally located in?
a) lysosomes in cytoplasm
b) genes found on chromosomes
c) mitochondria of gametes
d) chromosomes found on genes

The mechanism that accounts for the separation and recombination of the 'hereditary factors' proposed by Mendel is best described in what?
a) gene-chromosome theory
b) concept of gradualism
c) concept of multiple alleles
d) theory of natural selection

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