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What is the part that controls many functions of plant cells and animal cells called?
a) Nucleus
b) Cell wall
c) Cytoplasm
d) Vacuole

What are plant cells and animal cells examples of?
a) Single cell organisms
b) Bacteria
c) Multicellular Organisms
d) Organs

What is a cell made of?
a) Tissue
b) Molecules
c) Organs
d) Plastic

A scientist is trying to decide whether an organism is unicellular or multicellular. Which information would help the scientist most to make her decision?
a) Size of the cells in the organism
b) How fast the organism grows
c) What the organism eats
d) How many types of cells are in the organism

What is a multicellular organism?
a) A single cell that performs all functions on its own
b) A living thing that makes its own food using sunlight
c) An amoeba
d) A living thing made up of many cells

What do unicellular and multicellular organisms have in common?
a) Both can make food from sunlight
b) Both can perfom tasks like digesting food and getting rid of waste
c) Both are made up of only one cell
d) Both have different cells for specialized functions for each life process

When similar cells with a similar function group together what does it form?
a) Tissue
b) Molecules
c) Unicellular organisms
d) Cell blocks

Which is a unicellular organism?
a) Fish
b) Insect
c) Amoeba
d) Flower

Which best describes a bacterial cell?
a) It's made up of more than one cell
b) It's a complete organism by itself
c) It contains different kinds of cells
d) It's part of a larger organism

Why is a cell considered the basic unit of life?
a) All cells are the same
b) All living organisms are made of cells
c) Cells are the smallest component that we know of
d) All living organisms are made of only one cell

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