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Which Supreme court case that ruled that no African American could be a citizen of the United States?
a) Dred Scott v. Sanford
b) PLESSY v. Ferguson
c) BROWN v. Topeka (Board of Education)
d) GUINN v. U.S.

What extended citizenship to all people born in the U.S. regardless of race?
a) fourteenth amendment
b) Thirteenth Amendment
c) Fifteenth Amendment
d) Sixteenth Amendment

What says that If you are born in the U.S. you are a citizen?
a) jus sanguinis
b) Jus aquinus
c) jus soli
d) Jus Loquacious

What is a non-citizen living in a country with permission and for an unlimited amount of time called?
a) non-resident alien
b) undocumented alien
c) enemy alien
d) resident alien

What is a non-citizen who enters the U.S without legal permission called?
a) enemy alien
b) resident alien
c) undocumented alien
d) non-resident alien

What are non-citizens who are generally granted amnesty when fleeing troubling situations in their country called?
a) refugees
b) enemy aliens
c) undocumented aliens
d) non-resident aliens

What is the process of immigrants becoming a U.S. citizen called?
a) naturalization
b) immigration
c) immunization
d) conflagration

What is the process of denouncing citizenship for another country called?
a) Expatriation
b) naturalization
c) conflagration
d) Extradition

What are the basic right to be free from unequal treatment based on certain protected characteristics such as race or gender called?
a) civil liberties
b) civil amendments
c) civil rights
d) civil services

What Abolished slavery in the United States
a) Fourteenth Amendment
b) Fifteenth Amendment
c) Nineteenth Amendment
d) Thirteenth Amendment

What extended suffrage to African American males?
a) Fifteenth Amendment
b) Fourteenth Amendment
c) Thirteenth Amendment
d) Nineteenth Amendment

What Extended suffrage to women?
a) Eighteenth Amendment
b) Fifteenth Amendment
c) Nineteenth Amendment
d) Twentieth Amendment

What lowered the voting age from 21 to 18?
a) Twenty-Sixth Amendment
b) Nineteenth Amendment
c) Twenty-Seventh Amendment
d) Twenty-Fourth Amendment

What is taking voting rights away called?
a) suffrage
b) expatriation
c) Segregation
d) Disenfranchisement

What is requiring an amount of money that a citizen had to pay before he or she could vote called?
a) poll tax
b) Grandfather Clause
c) eight box laws
d) All-white primary

What could result in a literacy test before someone could vote?
a) Grandfather Clause
b) poll tax
c) All-white primary
d) eight box laws

What was only allowing African Americans to vote in the general election called?
a) Grandfather Clause
b) eight box law
c) All-white primary
d) poll tax

a) PLESSY v. Ferguson
b) BROWN v. Topeka (Board of Education)
c) DRED SCOTT v. Sanford
d) GUINN v. U.S.

Which case outlawed ALL-WHITE primaries?
a) smith v. ALLWRIGHT
b) GUINN v. U.S.
c) PLESSY v. Ferguson
d) BROWN v. Topeka (Board of Education)

What was the official end to segregation in all public and private facilities with federal enforcement?
a) Civil Rights Act of 1964
b) Twenty-Fourth Amendment
c) BROWN v. Topeka (Board of Education)
d) Twenty-Sixth Amendment

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