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What is the name of the secret society that was out to for Kenyan's rights and independence?
a) The Zulu Tribe
b) Mau Mau
c) British Army
d) Bantu

Which European country first colonized South Africa?
a) Great Britain
b) The Netherlands
c) France
d) Germany

What valuable resources were discovered in South Africa in the late 1800s?
a) Salt and Silver
b) God and diamonds
c) Coal and iron
d) Natural Gas and Oil

Wht was the name of Nelson Mandela's Political Party?
a) Zulu nation
b) Kenyan National Unity Party
c) African Union
d) African National Congress

What conflict broke out in Nigeria after independence was declared?
a) Arguments over writing the Apartheid constitution
b) Religious conflict between Christians and Muslims
c) Government decisions on the dictator rule
d) Protests for womens rights

Who was the presidents when the policies of Apartheid officially end?
a) F.w de Klerk
b) Nelson Mandela
c) Robert Mugabe
d) Jomo Kenyatta

When did many African groups begin to challenge European colonial rule?
a) Before WWI
b) In the 1800s
c) After WWII
d) During the U.S Civil War

What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
a) The Partitioning of Africa
b) Best trade routes in Germany
c) the world issues and conflicts
d) America's independence from Great Britain

Which European country gained the most land in Africa?
a) Great Britain
b) Portugal
c) France
d) Spain

What is the forced control of one nation by another nation?
a) communism
b) imperialism
c) patriotism
d) nationalism

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