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What does heliocentric mean?
a) the earth at the center of the unvierse
b) the sun at the center of the universe
c) the force of gravity
d) the rotation of the earth

Who discovered the laws of gravity?
a) Isaac Newton
b) John Locke
c) Galileo
d) Copernicus

What does geocentric mean?
a) sun at the center of the universe
b) earth at the center of the universe
c) stars at the center of the universe
d) the force of gravity

How did Muslim scientists influence the Scientific Revolution in Europe?
a) European began developing scientific inventions to try to prevent Muslims from becoming too technologically advanced.
b) During the Dark Ages in Europe, Islamic scientists continued to make scientific progress, including invention algebra and adv
c) Muslims spread the belief that the best way to praise God was to make scientific discoveries
d) Muslim finding culturally diffused to Europe, allow Europe to learn technology without having to develop it themselves.

How did Christians influence the Scientific Revolution?
a) They preserved Roman and Greek text.
b) They invented algebra.
c) They debated Muslim scientific ideas leading to the creation of scientific method.
d) They charged scientists with heresy.

Which religion or group preserved ancient texts?
a) Greeks
b) Christians
c) Muslims
d) Romans

How did the Renaissance help start the Enlightenment?
a) The Renaissance helped inspire European thinkers with their ancient philosophies.
b) The Renaissance revived Greek and Roman philosophy and focused on scientific discovery.
c) The Renaissance demonstrated that the Catholic Church was not all-knowing, leading to curiosity in Europe.
d) The Renaissance provided scientific method.

What is the scientific method?
a) a period in the late 1500s in Europe when European thinkers created the scientific method
b) the period in Europe from 1600-1800 that emphasized science and reason over religious tradition
c) The belief that religion and science can coexist
d) a procedure for scientists to follow when coming up with new scientific theories

What is the name given to the period in the late 1500s in Europe when European thinkers created the scientific method?
a) Scientific Revolution
b) Renaissance
c) Enlightenment
d) Reformation

Who supported the Geocentric theory?
a) Aristotle
b) Copernicus
c) Galileo
d) Kepler

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