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Land heats up faster during the day than water does. As the beach gets warm during the day, it heats the air above it. The warm air rises and cool air from the ocean is pulled in to replace it. So, air flows from the ocean to the land. At night, the
a) The air is still
b) The air moves along the coast
c) The air flows from the ocean to the land
d) The air flows from the land to the ocean.

Which is a factor that most likely would affect the climate in a particular area?
a) amount of lightning
b) distance from an ocean
c) number of earthquakes
d) shape of the shoreline

Hurricanes form over water and lose wind speed when they move over land. What does this pattern best illustrate?
a) More solar radiation strikes oceans than land
b) Heat from inside Earth warms oceans more than land
c) Oceans transfer more energy to the atmosphere than land does.
d) Oceans transfer both heat and chemical energy to the atmosphere

Which of these is associated with hurricanes?
a) a storm that forces strong winds toward the ground
b) a storm that develops in warm air closer to the equator
c) a storm that develops many highpressure thunderstorm clouds
d) a storm that causes an area of low pressure beneath the warm air

Which process causes water to move from the ocean to the atmosphere during the formation of a hurricane?
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) precipitation
d) runoff

What information best helps a meteorologist predict the possibility of tornadoes developing in a certain area?
a) current wind conditions
b) type of clouds in the sky
c) percent humidity in the air
d) amount of rainfall

Storms transport water in the form of rain. The energy that starts this process comes from the
a) sun
b) oceans
c) earth
d) clouds

What major and potentially catastrophic events can be predicted to occur in the Northern Hemisphere between the months of June and November?
a) tsunamis
b) hurricanes
c) asteroid impacts
d) volcanic eruptions

How do the conditions for a tornado differ from the conditions for a hurricane?
a) Tornadoes never form when there is rain, while hurricanes always form with rain
b) Tornadoes form under low pressure, while hurricanes form under high pressure
c) Tornadoes form in a stable atmosphere, while hurricanes form in an unstable atmosphere
d) Tornadoes form over land, while hurricanes form over bodies of water

What would a warm air mass over the ocean most likely cause?
a) earthquake
b) snowfall
c) tsunami
d) rainfall

Which of these has the greatest capacity for storing thermal energy from the Sun?
a) air
b) land
c) oceans
d) plants

Hurricanes form over equatorial areas. This is because
a) solar heating is greatest near the equator.
b) the Moon’s plane of orbit is close to the equator.
c) Earth’s volcanic activity is clustered around the equator.
d) the rate of rotation of Earth’s surface is less at the equator.

In regions where prevailing winds blow from the oceans to the shore, which of these is most likely to occur?
a) heavier rainfall
b) dryer conditions
c) cold temperatures
d) frequent hurricanes

Hurricanes are driven by the energy they get from ocean water. Which property of water allows it to retain the energy needed to power a hurricane?
a) low vapor pressure
b) high specific heat
c) high surface tension
d) low freezing point

Which statement about ocean currents is accurate?
a) Ocean currents influence life at the shore
b) Ocean currents keep the ocean temperature unstable
c) Ocean currents are a major cause of glacier formation
d) Ocean currents stir nutrients to help in the production of oxygen

Which factor causes surface ocean currents?
a) the sun
b) then moon
c) wind
d) hurricanes

Which type of water reservoir could always provide freshwater?
a) island lakes
b) river deltas
c) mountain glaciers
d) tropical seas

Which process in the water cycle would be accelerated by an increase in temperature?
a) runoff
b) evaporation
c) precipitation
d) condensation

When light reflects off certain crystals in the atmosphere, effects called halos appear. Which substance in the atmosphere forms these crystals?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) sulfur dioxide
d) water

Clay is watching the weather to prepare for a trip to the beach tomorrow. The forecast predicts that a lowpressure system will move in overnight. Which type of weather can Clay most likely expect in the morning?
a) foggy
b) sunny
c) clear and colder
d) cloudy and rainy

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