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Two high tides and two low tides occur on Earth every
a) day
b) hour
c) week
d) month

Ocean tides result mainly from
a) surface winds
b) radiant heat from stars
c) Earth’s tilt on its axis
d) the Moon’s gravitational pull

Which factor determines whether precipitation will be in the form of rain or snow?
a) wind
b) humidity
c) air pressure
d) temperature

Which steps in the water cycle most directly cause floods?
a) precipitation and runoff
b) condensation and evaporation
c) runoff and condensation
d) evaporation and precipitation

Which is a natural cause of rivers drying up?
a) pollution
b) erosion
c) water tables rise
d) lack of precipitation

Tides on Earth are mostly caused by the gravitational pull of
a) the sun
b) stars
c) the moon
d) asteroids

What is the main energy source for deep ocean currents that move large volumes of water around the planet?
a) heat from Earth’s core
b) radiation from the Sun
c) tidal effects of the Moon
d) motion of tectonic plates

Which of these properties of water has the greatest effect on the water cycle?
a) neutral pH
b) freezing and boiling points
c) dissolves many substances
d) forms sixsided crystals

Which is Earth’s largest source of drinkable water?
a) lakes
b) rivers
c) oceans
d) aquifers

Spring tides occur during which lunar phases?
a) first quarter and last quarter
b) full moon and new moon
c) when the moon is waxing
d) when the moon is waning

Approximately 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. The majority of this is salt water and is found in the oceans. Where is the majority of the Earth’s fresh water found?
a) ice
b) lakes
c) rivers
d) the atmosphere

When air is heated, it will most likely
a) expand and fall
b) expand and rise.
c) condense and fall
d) condense and rise

Why is the pH of ocean water higher than the pH of normal tap water?
a) ocean water contains salts of weak acids
b) ocean water contains salts of weak bases
c) ocean water contains more oxygen than tap water
d) ocean water contains fewer minerals than tap water.

Earth’s distance from the Sun enables water to be readily available for organisms. Which property of water is most important for these organisms?
a) its ability to freeze
b) its specific heat capacity
c) its ability to exist as a liquid
d) its high surface tension

What happens to the water vapor in an air mass as it ascends?
a) It freezes
b) It condenses
c) It vaporizes
d) It polarizes

What is the primary source of energy that causes evaporation of water from the surface of bodies of water?
a) solar radiation
b) transpiration by plants
c) heat from nearby land masses
d) convection currents in the water

What type of precipitation occurs when raindrops freeze as they fall?
a) hail
b) frost
c) sleet
d) snow

An iceberg breaks off of a glacier and floats into the ocean. In the ocean, the iceberg begins to melt. Which temporary effect does this melting have on ocean water in the immediate area of the iceberg?
a) The melting ice lowers the freezing point of the ocean water.
b) The melting ice reduces the salinity of the ocean water.
c) The melting ice releases the carbon dioxide stored in ocean water.
d) The melting ice increases the acidity of the ocean water.

One characteristic that is unique to water is that it
a) has a low specific heat
b) can be changed from a liquid to a solid.
c) dissolves very few substances
d) exists naturally in three states on Earth

What is the main source of energy that causes water to evaporate from the surface of Earth?
a) lightening
b) sun
c) gravity
d) wind

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