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tax deduction
a) allowences take money off of your taxes
b) not doing taxes
c) reducing the amount taxes there are
d) IRS

income taxes
a) the amount you make a year
b) how much you make hourly
c) taxes levied by the government every april
d) living somewhere

tax return
a) getting ALL of your money back
b) getting money back from the government after doing your taxes
c) not doing taxes
d) returning taxes

a) w-2
b) used by your employer to determine taxes
c) 1040
d) us citizenship

withholding allowence
a) deducting a certain amount from taxes from your allowances
b) UMF
c) getting paid from your parents
d) finding money on the ground and then the government takes it away from

property taxes
a) owning land
b) taxed for being in the us
c) taxed for living on government owned land
d) taxed on your property

sin tax
a) taxed by church for sining
b) taxes on cigeretes and alcohol
c) taxed for listening to satanic music
d) taxes on drugs (weed, crack etc...)

the easiest form of taxes
a) 1040ez
b) 1040
c) 1040a
d) w2

what is a w-2
a) us citizen ship
b) paycheck
c) salary from your employer
d) w-4

if you make under 100,000$ a year
a) 1040ez
b) w-2
c) w-4
d) ten fifty

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